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    “14 gentlemen engaged in accountancy” – where it all began
Andrew Lovelady, our current President in this special 150th year of the Society reflects on the unveiling of our very own Blue Plaque, or as protocol demands, a Plaque that is Blue.
here are only so many times in a week that you can check the BBC weather app, making
sure that it still says....25th January..... overcast but dry. Because the prospect of standing outside 24 North John Street on a Saturday afternoon in driving rain
in order to unveil a plaque was not
one that filled even hardy Liverpool Accountants with great enthusiasm.
Fortunately the app gave us a cold but dry forecast, and so it was that, not:
“14 gentlemen engaged in accountancy” met at the offices of Messrs. Harmood Banner & Sons, 24 North John Street, Liverpool for the purpose of taking into consideration the propriety of forming a Society to be called “The Incorporated Society of Liverpool Accountants.”
“29 men and women engaged
in and associated with accountancy
met at the offices of Stephen Jones, Jewellers, 24 North John Street, Liverpool for the purpose of celebrating the sesquicentennial formation of a Society formerly known as the Incorporated Society of Liverpool Accountants”
We were delighted that Fiona Wilkinson, ICAEW President, had made the long rail journey up from Exeter in order to join us for this very special occasion. Particularly because she had to fly to Cyprus the following day and getting to London from Exeter via a brief (but important) diversion to Liverpool was greatly appreciated
by those present. The life of a National President is demanding indeed!
Fiona reminded us that the stated purposes of the Society (as recorded in those first Memorandum and Articles of Association) were “the protection of the character, status and interests of the accountants of Liverpool and the promotion of honourable practice”.
How fitting it is that 150 years later
ANDREW LOVELADY, current LSCA President, holding a photograph of Edward Mounsey, one of our founding fathers,and Jonathan’s great-grandfather.
“How fitting it is that 150 years later those objectives still resonate with the profession carried on by the successors of that first meeting.”
those objectives still resonate with the profession carried on by the successors of that first meeting.
Gathered together in the premises
of Stephen Jones, Jewellers, who had very kindly agreed to allow us to meet in their offices to enable us to say “we were there...where it all began”, the mixture of Committee members, Past Presidents and members of the Society warmed themselves on tea and coffee before braving the cold January afternoon to unveil a commemorative plaque.
The passers-by (including the Liverpool “Sights of the City Tour” Bus) were somewhat bemused as to why a group of people would want to stand
on the pavement of North John Street on a Saturday afternoon, but the plaque pronouncing that:
14 “gentlemen engaged in accountancy” met in this building on 25th January 1870 establishing the Liverpool Society of Chartered Accountants, the founding society of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England & Wales”
was duly unveiled by the National President and a toast with something colder than tea and coffee to the Society, proposed by Andrew Lovelady, LSCA President.
Thanks must go to all who braved
the cold, and particularly those who had postponed tax return submissions 6 days before the filing deadline, to be there. Thanks also to Stephen & Ellen Jones
for allowing us to invade their shop for a couple of hours, Piccolinos for supplying amazing canapes and fizz to celebrate with and to Kim at Photocast for designing and producing the Society’s “blue plaque”.
But most of all thanks must go to Harmood W Banner and A W Chalmers for having the foresight to call a meeting on that day, 150 years ago......where it all began.

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