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  Michael Izza
Michael Izza, Chief Executive, ICAEW offers his words and kind sentiments to the historic and current importance of the Liverpool Society of Chartered Accountants.
or 150 years, the Liverpool Society of Chartered Accountants has been at the heart of the chartered
has endured in protecting the ‘character, status and interests’ of the chartered accountants of Liverpool – supporting current and future members to develop their knowledge and skills and build strong economies. It has also endured in promoting ‘honourable practice’ amongst those members – supporting them to abide by our Code of Ethics, and to carry out their work with integrity and in the public interest.
Today, the Liverpool Society supports members across Merseyside, Cheshire & North Wales and the Isle of Man – continuing a century and a half of connecting communities across the region.
ICAEW members are global leaders in business and finance, constantly evolving to meet the challenges of a volatile and fast- moving world. However, this anniversary is
a chance for us to reflect – on the vision and achievements of our founding fathers, and of
“ICAEW members
are global leaders in business and finance, constantly evolving to meet the challenges of a volatile and fast-moving world.”
the contributions our profession makes and continues to make to the regional, national and global economy.
My thanks and congratulations to Andrew and all past and present members of the Liverpool Society for their hard work and commitment over the past 150 years.
 accountancy profession. As the oldest society of chartered accountants in England, and one of the four founding societies of the ICAEW, its history and legacy is almost unparalleled.
Ever since the meeting of the ‘14 gentlemen engaged in accountancy’ in 1870, the Society
   A view from Melanie Christie, our Director of ICAEW Regions
have had the pleasure of working with the Office Holders and committee members of Liverpool
Society of Chartered Accountants for over eighteen years.
In this time, I have seen many volunteers on its committee come and go – each brought something unique to the table, but they all had something in common – they all served the Society’s members with genuine loyalty and dedication.
The Liverpool Society stands true to its roots to “protect the character, status and interests of the accountants of Liverpool and the promotion of honourable practice”. It plays a key role in the training and development of ICAEW’s members, offering a breadth of initiatives and events across the area. It maintains strong links with other professional organisations, such as Professional Liverpool and the Chamber of Commerce, which serves
to raise the profile of ICAEW’s members
living and working in the local area and the contribution they make to the local business community.
There have been some shining
examples of this over the years, notably the collaboration between ICAEW, Liverpool Society, the Local Enterprise Partnership and a variety of other business organisations that came together to bring the International Festival of Business to Liverpool in 2014. The fifty-day event showcased great British industry across multiple sectors and championed UK business to new markets, new products and new partners on a global scale.
The committee has always been forward-thinking and ambitious in its plans – a strategy which has served them well. It has been my pleasure to work with them, and with the two other district societies in the North West,
to support ICAEW’s members and raise our profile across the region.
    Long may they continue!
Melanie Christie Director, ICAEW Regions

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