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atrick Minford CBE is a British macroeconomist
While honoured I remember fearing the challenge of mixing social pleasures with discussing the serious issues in developing Liverpool at a famously noisy dinner!
But the fear was groundless. The Society is 150 years old and for it the serious business of developing Liverpool and its business has always been paramount. It is wonderful to visit Liverpool these days and see the massive changes for the better throughout the city.
The Society and its members have been key
protagonists in urging
and implementing these developments. Now again,
as we have a government determined to help the north get to parity with the fast- growing south, the Society,
as one of Liverpool’s strong local institutions, has a great role to play in informing the debate and getting on with the action on the ground. Here’s to the next 150 years of UK and Liverpool growth, and here’s my congratulations to the Society on its 150th anniversary.
  Congratulations from Patrick Minford
    who is Professor of Applied Economics at Cardiff Business School, Cardiff University, a position he has held since 1997. He was Edward Gonner Professor of Applied Economics at the University of Liverpool from 1976 to 1997, and one of our Annual Dinner speakers. Here is his message to us:
About a dozen years ago I had the honour of addressing the Liverpool Society of Chartered Accountants dinner.
   Congratulations from Neil Ashbridge
am delighted to be asked to provide a few words for the
Accountants 150th Anniversary. The Liverpool Society of Chartered Accountants has
made a significant contribution to the accountancy profession not only in Liverpool but nationally and internationally over the last 150 years. Many of today’s international firms find their roots in Liverpool and many of the distinguished names that have served the profession have come from Liverpool. Not only on the national and international stage is the Society well known, but it has also played
a significant part at the local and regional level.
In the late 1990’s an initiative by the Society’s then President Anne Morris to host quarterly lunches for the Presidents of
all the professional Society’s
in Liverpool to discuss
common themes affecting professional services in Liverpool led to the creation
of Professional Liverpool
in 2001. I was honoured
to become Professional Liverpool’s first Chairman,
a position I held for eight
years, and without the support of the Liverpool Society of Chartered Accounts, especially Presidents such as Geoffrey Piper and Andrew Lovelady, I
am sure Professional Liverpool would not have gained the momentum that it did.
I am currently Chairman
of the Liverpool Chamber
of Commerce another great institution in Liverpool that itself is celebrating 170 years this year. Hereto there has always been strong links with Liverpool’s Accountants with both the Society and individual member firms. The Chamber looks forward to continuing that relationship.
Neil Ashbridge
Chair of the Liverpool Chamber of Commerce
Liverpool Society of Chartered

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