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  much discussion, and at
the first one certificates
were presented to our new members by Andrew Ratcliffe the President of the ICAEW.
I would guess the annual dinner is probably every
Andrew Moss
n Being President of the Liverpool Society was one of those things that I thought I would never
do, even if asked! (And I didn’t think I would be asked.)
But, that moment came when the then President, Paul Cochrane, asked me to follow him, John Nolan and then Phil Silver in
the hallowed footsteps of so many who had gone before.
Initially, I did say no. I then thought I might not get asked again and if I said no, that would be my chance gone which
is when I realised that it was something that I would like to do. I was concerned about the time commitment but I was attending the committee and executive meetings already so what more could there be?
It turned out, quite a lot more and in addition to a few trips to Chartered Accountants’ Hall, I attended 21 black tie dinners
Andrew Lloyd
n As one of the more recent Presidents, the memories
of my year in office are
still fresh in my mind.
Of course, preparation for the 150th anniversary was
a central theme throughout
the year, to ensure that we marked this important event in the Society’s history. Having attended the recent unveiling of the plaque on 24 North John Street – where it all began – it has now become very real and
President’s highlight during their year, and I had a wonderful day and evening. Our guest speaker Daniel Finkelstein was very warmly received, and he entertained us all with a mix of political and football anecdotes.
Throughout the year it was a pleasure to meet so many fellow chartered accountants both locally and nationally; and I also enjoyed being involved with the students and newly qualified members of our district society.
the dinner circuit (new dresses galore!) and she too, quickly made friends with presidents and spouses alike. She was most disappointed that she wasn’t invited to the Isle of Man dinner!
According to Laura, it was the first proper thing we had done as a couple and we looked forward to the reunions with the Chain Gang, which you don’t really appreciate until you have tried it. Following trips to Milton Keynes (national president) and Chester (Manchester straying onto our patch!), Laura was diagnosed with cancer and only managed one more trip to Newcastle. I will resume the reunions later this year but with a heavy heart.
Locally, we met the Civic Mayor and her consort on a number of occasions and Laura wangled a tour of the Town Hall and tea with the mayor, with our children sitting on the
by the District Societies. It
was a pleasure to attend the very impressive Chartered Accountants’ Hall on a number of occasions, and I was delighted to represent the Society at many events both regionally and nationally.
One very pleasant surprise came at the West of England dinner in Bristol. One of the guest speakers was Andy Green, who is the current holder of the world land speed record set at
I am grateful for the friendships that have continued with both fellow LSCA members and past presidents from
other districts, and I am of course looking forward to
our next reunion weekend.
same couch that the Queen had adorned during her visit a few months earlier.
The highlight of the year was the Liverpool dinner - over 300 guests at the Crowne Plaza, an excellent speaker in John Pienaar, and walking in to ‘Z cars’ (which is of course the theme tune of
my beloved Everton Football Club. I can tell you that got the adrenaline going for the speech!)
Looking back, I am pleased and proud to have represented the Society as President. I had some wonderful times with Laura and such abiding memories and we made some good friends.
As the oldest Society, we are the envy of the other district societies and we should look
to continue our traditions
for as long as possible.
So, if you are asked to play
a part, think about it before you say no!
763mph in 1997.
He is currently involved
with the Bloodhound SSC project which is planning on breaking that record and is hoping to achieve a speed in excess of 1,000mph. Andy was a very good friend of mine at University where we studied the same course and we hadn’t seen each other since then – it was good to have the chance to catch up with him in the
bar until the early hours!
          during the course of my year,
not only locally but also many
of the other local societies up
and down the country. I missed
a few of course; can’t be in two places at once, but the ones I did attend were like going out with a great group of friends. Such was the ease with which my fellow presidents, other halves and I got to know each other and we looked forward to seeing each other at these great events. We also got
to meet a few celebrity speakers. For the vast majority of my year
I was accompanied by my wife Laura, who sadly passed away just a couple of months ago. She loved
       Andy Green with 2017/18 President, Andrew Lloyd, in front of Bloodhound SSC
we have seen some special events during this special year.
During my year, I certainly became more familiar with the workings of the Institute and the important role played

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