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  Paul Cochrane
n When meeting new people I took great pride when introducing myself as being from Liverpool,
a chartered accountant and actually President of The Liverpool Society of Chartered Accountants (the Society), the oldest Society
of Chartered Accountants in
the country. I remember one gentleman remarking it was quite an impressive profile for Linked-In.
Actually, I saw my role as President as not too dissimilar from the purposes of Linked- In. The primary purpose of
John Nolan
n As a non-native of Liverpool,
I would like to record just how proud I was as President to represent the Society and all of its members from across our region and the Isle of Man as well as promoting the Merseyside region.
I did this so much to the many that I met during my term of office, that only the other week when meeting up with old university friends in Liverpool I was jokingly accused of having gone native when extolling to them the benefits of working here & the rich
Phil Silver
n I became president of the LSCA at the AGM in May 2015, and this already feels like a very long time ago. When I became President
I was (and still am) working as a sole practitioner in Southport.
My responsibilities as President made an interesting and rewarding addition to my
this and similar platforms is
to connect people and that
is how I viewed my job as President - connecting people.
Connecting members with
our Society, with the Institute and with each other. We have such
a diverse membership, from newly qualified through to retired Lifetime Members. Members in Industry, members in Practice,
in large, medium and small practices. An enormous amount of effort went into building and maintaining connections, so many initiatives, so much hard work and yet so rewarding.
Connecting students with the Society, I introduced an initiative where the retiring President would assume the
history of our Society. My year started when
representing the Society on the Professional Services organising committee for Liverpool’s inaugural Festival for Business in 2014. We created many aspects for the Festival and the proudest memory wasn’t the ICAEW presentations that we ran, or even hosting a meeting of the Student Council or our ICAEW stand in the Hub. The one of which I am most proud of was relaunching our Liverpool Younger Members
usual weekly work routine. For example, having visited Chartered Accountants’ Hall only once before, shortly
after qualifying, it was an honour
Presidency of The Liverpool Chartered Accountants Students Association. I was delighted to take on this role after my term finished as Society President.
Connecting with prospective students, and promoting Chartered Accountancy as a career to school, college and university students. The BASE game is a wonderful Institute initiative which provides students with an introduction to business, helping to counter the view that accountancy is boring.
Connecting with our fellow professional bodies, in particular The Liverpool Law Society and Merseyside Chartered Institute of Tax, sharing resources, ideas and holding joint events.
group with a barbecue on the roof. This Group has gone on to become active
once again
and hopefully provides a bridge with our Main Committee and future Presidents in due course.
My proudest achievement from my year was introducing our annual Graduation ceremony which I’m glad to
to visit on a number of occasions during my year as President. The most memorable of these visits being as one of the four founding society presidents, there to sign the outstanding achievement award for 2016 to be presented to Amir Dossal.
During my year as President
Connecting with our fellow District Societies and with the ICAEW. We have so much to learn from each other. The value of
the District Society ‘movement’
is immeasurable. As a profession we have too many members who have only limited engagement with their Professional body. Without District Societies I fear the ICAEW would simply become a subscription based, transaction driven body.
Finally, the purpose of this 150th commemorative year.
Connecting with our past and our remarkable history.
Liverpool, it all started here and I’m proud to be a small part of that history. Thank you to everyone that made this possible.
see is continuing and that Manchester followed our lead.
I can’t reminisce about my
year as President without also mentioning my appreciation for the contribution made by all our Committee members who provide their services on a voluntary basis for the benefit of our members. Long may that continue.
Finally I want to wish the Society all the best for the next 150 years. I’m sure that it will continue to make its members proud to be represented by it.
it was wonderful that a proper home was found for much of the Society’s memorabilia when it was transferred from a lock up storage in Bootle to the Central Library in Liverpool for archiving.
Also, the newly qualified members’ ceremony was finally resurrected after

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