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 Martyn Best
n So what has the Liverpool Society ever done for me? Well, it elected me as your President for 2011/12, and for that I have our erstwhile and very committed member, Michael Cox to thank. Having been my student President in much earlier days, he spotted a further opportunity to regale me back into Society life in about 2007, and the rest as they say is history.
And what a history, the Society has had.
We all know what our clarion call is at every opportunity when we have District and Institute meetings, and we are in the company of other younger Societies, and we wear that badge with great pride. In
fact, I would also say that we
are very fondly recognised across the UK as the proud source of the inspiration for
the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England & Wales – and whilst many may say that those two countries lay claim to leaving in a recent vote, we most assiduously remain
Paul Christian
n In January 2010, in the
midst of Audit busy season,
the thought of joining the Committee of the Liverpool Society of Chartered Accountants could not have been further from my mind – let alone signing up to become
its President in 2012 – but following a persuasive visit from Marion Hodgkiss that’s exactly what I did – and I have not regretted that decision for one moment!
My year as President seemed to go very quickly as no sooner had I made it big in St Helens with an article
“the oldest District Society”. My memories of being your
President are also very fond – the very many dinners across the country, representing the Society, and indeed the broader District Society cause in many meetings at the Institute, and
of course hosting our own well-loved annual Dinner at St George’s Hall. Roger McGough, legendary poet, amused us that evening, and my own pride was shared with family, and two of my children, as
well as many, many friends from across the professional
appearing in the ‘Reporter’ of my appointment, than we were wrapping things up at the AGM the following May.
However, I reflect on the year with great pride and innumerable memories of dinners attended, after dinner speeches listened to and made, and a whole new group of friends in other District Societies - my ‘Chain gang’.
Throughout the year I had two constant companions – my wife Anne – and the President’s Badge of Office.
The badge, crafted in 1911 and costing the huge sum of
and business community.
A particular highlight was
having the honour of receiving the Freedom of the City of Liverpool on behalf of the Society. I didn’t feel in any way
a fraud here, although credit must be freely acknowledged to Mike Sale, who initiated this application, but the slow wheels of process gave me personal delight and brought me into the spotlight of recipient.
My own prime aim for
that year, and beyond, was to create an enduring stream of communication that the Society
£75, is quite magnificent and completely irreplaceable – and whilst it is a privilege to wear, it comes with the onerous responsibility of keeping it safe – a responsibility I took so seriously that I often slept with it under my pillow if staying away!
In 2012 we celebrated the centenary of our members’ annual golf competition and this special occasion was celebrated at a special venue – Royal Birkdale. I was delighted to be able to present the winner with a specially made glass trophy to complement
could have with its members, and this led to the creation
of our LinkedIn group, with over 800 members now, and we should perhaps have the ambition of 1,000 in the special 2020 year.
My aim also led to the creation of Chartered ONE, and 25 issues later, I hope this is well received and well read by our members. I do receive some very kind words from members about Chartered ONE, and I also look forward to many more issues, and many more contributions from our members.
This commemorative issue is a further validation of everything that is special about the Society and thank you to all who contributed to it, and I hope you who are reading it find it of value.
The Society, and being a Chartered Accountant have been very special to me in my fairly diverse business and professional life, and I am proud to have been a part of the wonderful 150 years.
the enormous silver trophy played for since 1912!
My year in office concluded on a personal high note as
I was given the honour of proposing the toast to the ICAEW and a vote of thanks
to our National President
at Accountants Hall at the President’s dinner.

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