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  Michael Sale
n It was an honour to serve the local membership as President during 2009/10 and represent them at a number of local , regional and national events.
It was interesting to meet with many of our members during the year and provide
a conduit for two way communication with ICAEW.
It was also useful to meet
with fellow District Society Presidents and learn about initiatives they had developed
for the benefit of their members and whether these would be relevant to our own Society.
Finally, I was delighted to apply for the Society to be recognised and included in the Liverpool City’s Freedom Roll of Association.
This is akin to ‘Freedom of the City’ and was awarded on 9 March 2012 and presented to the Society during a ceremony at Liverpool Town
Hall during the year of Martyn Best’s Presidency. The award was made ‘in recognition of the (Society’s) longstanding and eminent contribution to the financial and business community of the City since 1870; its role as a founding society of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England & Wales and its continuing commitment to the financial wellbeing of the City’.
fell on deaf ears but I don’t think Gerald Russell (2010/2011 ICAEW President) was under any threat.
I tried so hard to promote the Society and encourage Younger Members to engage with it so even if I had an impact on just one member then that is a win for me.
My success was not just down to my hard work, but down to all those many people who helped and supported me in my role, especially the previous Presidents who had total confidence in
me, Michael Sale who showed me the ropes, the team at Jan McDermott & Co, who kept
the wheels turning whilst I was navigating the country, Andrew
& Heather Lovelady who helped me become more confident
with public speaking and Paul, who helped me celebrate the end of my Presidential year
with a marriage proposal.
It was an absolute honour
and privilege to be only the 5th female President of the Liverpool Society of Chartered Accountants and being able to contribute, even in only a tiny way, to the successful history of the 150 year old society, is a massive personal achievement of mine that is unlikely to be surpassed.
       Jan McArd (nee McDermott)
n I still clearly remember the exact moment when Eileen Quinn telephoned me to ask would I consider taking on the role of Vice President of the Liverpool Society of Chartered Accountants, a role that would be followed by that of Deputy President and President in the two years that followed. I was stunned to silence and bursting with pride. The answer was a whole hearted, YES!
Having been on the LSCA committee for a number of years and fulfilled the role of Student Society President, I was fairly familiar with the inner workings of it, but the Presidential year would include a whole lot more than just committee meetings and I was determined to give everything at least 100% effort.
I accepted every invitation possible and found myself doing many things I’d never had to do before such as awarding prizes, advising at careers events, and representing members across the country as well as in Wales and the Isle of Man. I had to face my fear of public speaking as many events often resulted in someone saying “you are ok to just say a few words aren’t you?”
I met so many interesting,
inspiring and entertaining people along the way, not least the other District Society Presidents. Paul and I still see a number of these on our annual reunions (which
for some reason usually involves a train ride or a boat trip)! We recently hosted the Presidents and their spouses at the Liverpool Society reunion, most of whom had not visited Liverpool since attending my dinner at the Crowne Plaza in 2010, and so of course we took them on the “ferry across the Mersey”
As the year progressed, the calorie intake increased and the waistline expanded, so myself
and other officeholders and committee members took to the streets to run in the Liverpool Santa Dash. Who knew that this running President, who dragged herself around 5k, would be running the London Marathon in April 2020.
There are so many memories of a wonderful time. The dinner is always a major event in the calendar and it was a pleasure to welcome so many local members and professionals from both inside and outside
of the city, as well as my
family and close friends.
One event that sticks in the mind is the Golf Day. Following Society tradition, usually means that the event is held at the Presidents Club and although being a non-golfer, I followed this tradition and thoroughly enjoyed seeing the golfers teeing off at Wallasey Golf Club, the home of Stableford, and
of course I stayed to sample the delights of the 19th hole!
One of the funniest moments was when I attended an ACCA networkingevent. Iwasgivena name badge and then introduced to the room as “Jan McDermott, ICAEW President”! My protests

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