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  Frank Murphy
n It was an honour and privilege to hold office as President of the Liverpool Society of Chartered Accountants for the 2005/2006 year.
2005 marked a special year for the society as we celebrated our 135th birthday, the ICAEW itself being some 10 years younger, then celebrating it’s more youthful 125th.
I thoroughly enjoyed my year of office, during which we enhanced our course program in the light of our members’ needs, resulting in the re-launch of the General Practitioners Conference and the inaugural Business Members Conference, both of which have proved very successful. We also introduced a series of successful business briefing lunches, at which members could listen to the views of local politicians and business leaders on topics particularly relevant at the time.
Personally, I enjoyed representing the Society at other society dinners around the country and indeed at
Brian Ricketts
    Moorgate. What I will never forget, is the high esteem in which the Liverpool Society of Chartered Accountants, being the oldest, and one of the founding societies is held by our fellow societies.
The highlight of my year,
as I am sure it will be for all those fortunate to have held office as President of the Liverpool Society of Chartered Accountants, has to be the hosting of your Annual Dinner.
I was privileged to have held the dinner in the grand surroundings of St George’s
n During my time as President, what became abundantly
clear was the profile of the Liverpool Society of Chartered Accountants and the respect that it was held in around the District Societies.
The cry of being of course the oldest Society, was
Hall, and to have had 485 guests in attendance.
Whilst the evening passed so quickly, I will not forget a moment of it.
My dinner was held in November 2005, just 6 months or so after Liverpool FC had won the Champions League,
or European Cup as it was still known then, and I was fortunate enough to have invited Rick Parry, the then Chief Executive of Liverpool FC as my guest speaker for the evening.
Good enough, Rick agreed to bring along his own guest,
one that I and all my fellow Presidents enjoyed.
The highlight of the year inevitably was the Dinner which for me was in the splendid surroundings of the Anglican Cathedral and that gave the platform for LSCA to showcase the city of Liverpool
the European Cup !
I don’t think as many guests
at a dinner have ever queued up for a photograph with a guest before – the Cup that is, not Rick!
Another memory for me, funny now, but which caused me problems at the time, was finding the Lord Mayor, Alan Dean, reading through the notes for my speech, and then finding a page or two missing when he returned them– he thought it was a fun idea to hide them. A great memory, and I can now laugh looking back on it.
and to show visitors what a vibrant city Liverpool is.
Hard to believe that was nearly 15 years ago – and that sentiment is even more so now!

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