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 Andrew Lovelady
n Like many of my fellow
Past presidents I have fond memories of meeting at other District Society events and making friendships that have now been with Heather & I for nearly 20 years.
However there are two main memories of my year, both in the first couple of months of my presidency. First and foremost is a personal reflection on my wedding – apparently being the only President to have got married in his year of office! Although the day itself was one of wind and rain (it was June after all!) it was so important in my year of office to have someone there, supporting me, cajoling me and encouraging me to be the person that I am in my year of office.
Writing this some 17 years later as I am part way through my second term as President of this amazing Society I am so glad that Heather has been there alongside me
Graham Bond
n I was extremely honoured
to become President of the Liverpool Society of Chartered Accountants for 2004/5.
Lots of fond memories however one particularly stands out.
I attended the ICAEW
125th Anniversary dinner at Chartered Accountant’s Hall with Prince Charles. The dinner was on 25th May 2005 which meant that it coincided with the 2005 Champions League Final in Istanbul between Liverpool
for these past 17 years.
The other memory I have
is of the morning of 4th June 2003. An ordinary day but one that will long be etched in the memory of many in Liverpool.
For it was on that morning that the traffic stopped. Heather & I were on our way to the Birkenhead Tunnel when all around us the
cars drew to a halt. No-one wanted to be in the tunnel and lose reception when Tessa Jowell announced the
and AC Milan.
In view of the clash I had
indicated to the then National President, Paul Druckman
that he should try and weave the score into one of his speeches. Paul, duly delivered on his promise and following the toast to the Queen, he informed the auspicious gathering that Liverpool had been 3 nil down but that it was now 3 all.
I had decided to stop receiving text updates on my
winning city to be European Capital of Culture 2008.
When the word “Liverpool” was drowned out by cheering on the radio (live from the Town Hall) and by the beeping of horns as hundreds of us waved, shook celebratory fists and “beeped” the car horns incessantly I knew that this year of 2003/4 was going to have extra special meaning for the Society and would allow us
to plan for the celebrations 5 years hence.
mobile; not when Liverpool went down 3 nil, but when a friend had texted “Men against Boys”.
Completely surprised by the announcement I can honestly say that I cannot remember His Royal Highness’ speech, as on turning on my mobile phone I was greeted with an avalanche of texts.
Two minutes after the top table had retired, I rushed out to Moorgate Place, just in time for a blow by blow account
Taking congratulatory phone calls from the Presidents of Birmingham Society and Northern
Society (both Newcastle
and Birmingham were in contention for the Capital of Culture title) gave a warm glow that, at last, after many years
in the “dark times” of political and economic uncertainty, Liverpool really could now hold its head up high.
I decided there and then that the relationship between the business community and the arts and culture would be
a large part of my presidential year. At the Society’s dinner in November 2003 Christophe Grunenberg (then Director
of Tate Liverpool) spoke of
the need for business to get behind the arts and culture in all its forms as it was a great driver of economic and cultural renaissance. Looking now
at the hotel occupancy and tourism offering in Liverpool - how right he was
of the penalty shoot-out from my wife over the phone – very surreal in black tie and with the LSCA President “gong” round my neck. Liverpool ultimately winning “Ol’ Big Ears” for the 5th time.

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