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  President’s words
What happened next...
   O ne of the joys (as well as being a bit of a burden) of being President in this celebratory year is that
I have had to do a lot of research into
our history and try to learn something about all those people who have been associated with the Society over 150 years.
From Harmood W Banner through to the present day we have been served by a wealth of amazing people. What they have given to and done for the Society has been written down both in our official records (the Minute Books etc) and through anecdotal evidence.
Committing something to permanent record has long been part of the principles that, as accountants, we live
by. Whether that is recording, examining or explaining the financial records of business or studying and interpreting the rules and regulations by which we live our professional lives, we have a wealth of recorded information at our disposal.
I hope that this 150th issue will now become part of this ‘body of evidence’.
What intrigues me is the story behind the recorded information.
So, for example, what did those ‘14 gentlemen engaged in accountancy’ say at lunch, probably somewhere near 24, North John Street, after that first meeting on 25th January 1870?
What happened the next day?
History does not give us that
information and we can, therefore, only speculate on the unrecorded words. Yet the business of accountancy and the day to day lives of those gentlemen and their clients continued, and
have influenced us all ever since.
On 25th January 2020, standing on the
pavement outside 24 North John Street, our National President reminded us what
it was that we stood for. She reminded
us of what is recorded in our rules and regulations – the constitution of, what was then, the Incorporated Society of Liverpool Accountants.
The 14 gentlemen agreed a set of objectives including:
‘the protection of the character,
status and interests of the accountants of Liverpool and the promotion of honourable practice’
Those objects are as valid today, in an era of Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter as they were 150 years ago with quill pen and lithographic typesetting.
No matter how you record it, no matter how you say it, your Society is committed to upholding those values.
Committed for you and committed for all who will be serving the needs of the Society and its member for our 175th and 200th celebrations and beyond.
We do not know what will happen next in this City or Region, let alone in the world. We do not know what will happen next in finance, regulation or the law.
What we can be certain of is that our members will be there to uphold the values of the profession and of its members thanks to those 14 gentlemen in 1870.
It is a privilege to be your President in this Sesquicentennial (surely you did not think I could get through a whole President’s page without recording that great word for posterity!) year.
I hope that you feel rightly proud to be a member of this great Society and that you will, somewhere, record in your own way, something to
mark the fact that ‘I was there’!
President, LSCA

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