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  Anne Morris
attended the dinner which was held in Manchester, and I felt very proud when I signed the Laureate’s citation on behalf of LSCA.
It was such a busy and eventful year, meeting so
many people and really being involved in what went on in our great city. Within LSCA itself we really felt that we were achieving things that would benefit our members, and I remember
that alongside that we had the theme “Making a Difference”.
I will confess that I was reluctant to take on the role, and I do remember that in my final piece in the Newsletter
I said something along the
lines “Someone needed to be President, and I agreed to take it on, but I never expected to have so much fun in doing so!”
1998 1999
tradition” by attending every District Society annual dinner, honoured us with her presence and delivered a memorable speech. I was thrilled that the chief executive of Business in the Community, Dame Julia Cleverdon, and the commercial manager of Liverpool FC, Jim Kennefick, were our other guest speakers.
One of the great delights of the year, for both my wife Sue and myself, was the opportunity to attend all the other District Society dinners
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    n It may seem trite, but one of the most memorable memories of my year is of “my” Annual Dinner, at the Adelphi. Not because I had to speak in front of 503 guests, but because
a few months earlier we had experienced the legendary fly-on-the-wall documentary “Hotel”, featuring the Adelphi in all its .... splendour.
The visiting Presidents and
Peter Evans Geoffrey Piper
their wives were eager to see it for themselves – and I decided that the best thing to do was to ask the three main players from the programme – Eileen, The General Manager; Brian, the Banqueting Manager; and Chef to come out before the speeches, and take a bow!
20+ years later, when we have our Chain Gang reunions – they are still talking about it!
During the year there were many occasions when the local Presidents of the various other professional bodies in Liverpool met, usually at other dinners or lunches. But we never really had the opportunity to speak about our own professions, and how we interacted, or how national policies and strategies impacted on our business lives and the local economy. So I introduced
a quarterly get together for whoever could make it, where we all had the opportunity
to chat about whatever was relevant at the time, over a sandwich lunch. I like to think that over the years, that formed the nucleus for Professional Liverpool.
At the beginning of my year it was Liverpool’s turn to host the Founding Societies’ Award Dinner, in the splendid setting of the Town Hall. Of course, I handed over the President’s gong to my predecessor Keith Clayton for the evening. As you can imagine, much was made of the dinner being hosted by the Oldest of the Founding Societies!
The following year I borrowed the gong from my successor Peter Evans, and
          n I was privileged to be elected President of the Liverpool Society for the “Millennium year” which, if nothing else, at least makes it easy for me to remember which was the year
in which I held office! Those were the days of a large Labour majority in Parliament, following Tony
Blair’s landslide victory in 1997, and the introduction
of Regional Development Agencies throughout
England. ICAEW mirrored
the Government’s regional policy and much of the Liverpool Society’s attention was directed towards its future relationship with the proposed ICAEW North West. It was all somewhat confusing but it worked itself out in the end!
It was also a time when
the country was divided over Europe. Should we adopt the proposed new European currency - the Euro? Most of us would agree that as
a nation we got that one right. They say that history repeats itself. I wonder?
The highlight of the year,
as ever, was the Annual
Dinner - held in those days
at the Adelphi, always an experience to savour! National ICAEW President, Dame
Sheila (now Baroness) Noakes, who having declared that
she would not allow herself
to become a “prisoner of

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