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   A fitting celebration, following a fine tradition.
The 125th Anniversary Dinner on 25th January 1995 was held in the splendidly refurbished main hall of the Liverpool Town Hall and was attended by 25 LSCA Past Presidents amongst the 300 attendees. A fantastic event.
The importance of Liverpool to the ICAEW was underlined by the ICAEW holding its first ever ICAEW Council Meeting outside London that day in the Liverpool Town Hall Council Chamber.
Barbara Appleton
n Colin Appleton responded to our request on behalf of Barbara, and let us know that she was not able to respond personally, but that she and he wished us every success with our celebrations. Barbara became known as the First Lady of the Oldest Society – a role she carried with absolute aplomb and charm.
To have broken some of those gender barriers as relatively recently as 1995
Keith Clayton
My presidential year marked the start of a lasting friendship with most of my fellow Presidents from around the UK. We still meet up around the country, at least annually, getting together to celebrate & continue the friendships forged by the “Chain Gang” of 1994/95. We have, of course, lost touch with some, and a few have sadly passed away, but the annual get- togethers of Past Presidents and their spouses regularly gather
a group of over 20 people. Not
highlights that our collective work in diversity needs to be ongoing, and Barbara would be delighted to know that our Society has a dedicated Diversity Champion.
Having broken that particular glass ceiling, she was delighted that she was ably supported in her role as President by Keith Clayton as her Deputy, and in her Vice President by the swift succession of our second Lady President in Anne Morris.
bad bearing in mind the original total (with spouses) was 44.
As a fifth generation Accountant I have seen enormous changes in the profession during my lifetime, let alone during
the lifetimes of all of those Mounseys.
Hand-written Ledgers, Manifests, Invoices etc. have been replaced by Mobile Apps, pdf files etc..
Barbara helped continue to celebrate the 125th anniversary of our Society and very poignantly and appropriately for this year’s 150th celebrations, Barbara hosted the presentation to New Members at the very same Liverpool Parish Church we celebrate at this year.
She was elected to the ICAEW Council in 1997 and was also a Liveryman of
the Chartered Accountants Company.
Yet in my view one thing remains essential. Chartered Accountants continue to uphold the reputation of the Profession as a reliable source of truly independent advice and Integrity.
The Liverpool Society
of Chartered Accountants continues to be a strong local source of support for ICAEW members.
Jonathan Mounsey FCA Proud & Humbled to be LSCA President 1994/95

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