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   John Greenhalgh
Denis Hobley
Nigel Packer
n As you know I was President in 1987/88 - the year that Arthur Green, a Liverpudlian was the National President – and one
of only three from Liverpool. This was an immensely special occasion and there was a
huge attendance at the Annual Dinner of about 600 to mark his achievement.
John Milbourn
n I had the honour to be President for 1988/89.
I remember how much I enjoyed the time both for advancing the aims of the Society and for the lasting friendships made with Presidents of other District Societies, which have been renewed every year since at a reunion.
I am sure I am the only President to have married the Society’s Administrator! Brenda and I were wed in April 1988 after a whirlwind romance
and so we can both look back on the Presidential year as a time of change, especially as I
n As I am 90 next year my memory is not as good
as it once was, but I do remember certain things.
I do remember enjoying every day of my year in office and
In his year as national President Arthur wanted the Liverpool Society to be seen to be doing something positive to help develop business in our area.
As a result BOOM was established (Business Opportunities on Merseyside) – an idea that was originally the
moved to my firm’s Manchester office part way through the year.
Nevertheless, having been born and raised and then worked in Liverpool all my life there was no doubt where my loyalty lay.
My main contribution to
the Society at the time was
to increase the range and frequency of short professional courses with the great support of the major accounting firms in Liverpool which provided the speakers. This meant we boosted the Society’s funds and made it financially stable.
At the Annual Dinner the
I was particularly delighted to be the first President from Southport.
In addition that year gave me many opportunities to meet both Chartered Accountants
concept of Geoffrey Piper.
I was proud to have been
its Chairman and I think it is fair to say it did have quite some success and certainly improved the image and standing of the local Society.
Many events were organised including a meeting of senior directors of major plc’s chaired
main speech was given by a very young Phil Redmond who had recently set up Mersey
TV and started producing “Brookside”. What a prescient choice!
Phil went on to make a tremendous contribution to business and academic life on Merseyside and to the Museum and Liverpool as the Capital
of Culture and truly deserved his MBE. As if not enough, his wife, Alexis, who trained in my firm and was a member of the LSCA committee during my year in office, went on to make a substantial contribution to charity, was awarded a CBE
1985 1986
and others from Liverpool and around the country which I would not have been able to do otherwise.
I shall be ever grateful for that great opportunity
by Prince Charles, in an effort to explain the possible advantages and opportunities in the area.
Other business groups
were entertained at the Grand National, and Boom continued for a number of years afterwards before it got ‘absorbed’ into
a larger North West business organisation.
and served as the High Sheriff and Deputy Lieutenant of Cheshire.
This is an example of what
I remember the most – the wonderful and talented people who populated our business and professional world in Liverpool and who went on to contribute to the development of the vibrant and successful Liverpool of today.
Sadly, Brenda and I could not be part of that story as
we never returned during our working life but we have been back since to marvel at the enormous changes that have taken place.

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