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  From 1870 onwards ...
The views from the Founding Societies
Liverpool – Manchester – London – Sheffield
Here in Liverpool not only are we rightly proud to be the oldest Society of the ICAEW but we are also delighted that there is such a close relationship
with our fellow “Founding Societies” – Manchester, London and Sheffield.
When Lindsay Hayward
(the Liverpool President in 1979/80 – and also my Senior Partner at Lonsdale & Marsh) proposed an award to be given
by the Founding Societies as a way of recognising great achievement and marking the ICAEW Centenary with
a tangible legacy, he found that it also brought together those Societies with a bond of camaraderie unique to their position.
To have “found” something is often not only a great discovery but also a continuing source of enjoyment. That is
so true of these four unique offices and I would like to thank the present incumbents Mark Blakemore, Nathan Steinberg and Ted Wetton for their friendship in this special year for me and to wish them well for their commemorations in the future
Andrew Lovelady – President Liverpool Society of Chartered Accountants 2019/2020
I am honoured to be
the President of ICAEW Manchester, which is, of course, also in its 150th year and I am fortunate to count my fellow Founding Society Presidents as colleagues and friends. Their leadership and support is an inspiration and I wish them well in their period of office – and specifically to Andrew Lovelady and the Liverpool Society of Chartered Accountants, I, and my fellow Manchester accountants give my very best wishes on their Sesquicentenary.
Mark Blakemore – President, Manchester Society of Chartered Accountants 2019/2020
       Liverpool – Manchester – London – Sheffield
Formed in the same year
as the Liverpool Society – December 1870 , and formally constituted in February 1871 the Manchester Society of Accountants, together with
its fellow ICAEW Founding Societies, can proudly trace its history back to the industrial revolution.
As the 19th century’s industrial economy grew so did the demand for technically proficient, commercially aware accountants with integrity to help business navigate its way through a fast changing and increasingly complex world
of trade and commerce. This remains as relevant today
as it did when the Founding Societies were created.
Mutual respect, close cooperation and a desire
to build a world of strong economies has united the Founding Societies from their formation to the current day. This spirit created the world’s pre-eminent professional
body for accountants, the ICAEW, in 1880 and will ensure that Chartered Accountants remain a cornerstone of successful economies
in the years to come.
To this end, and with the support of my fellow District Society Presidents, I will focus on three key themes during my period of office
- leadership, education and community. These three pillars have underpinned our past
success and are essential for our Institute’s future growth and the development of an economy that benefits all of its stakeholders.

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