Page 19 - Chartered 150 - A Sesquicentenary Special Issue
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 Nanos gigantum humeris insidentes
Not just 14 - but 15 of our members and their businesses offer their special best wishes and congratulations:
     Roger Anderton and all at Roger Anderton Chartered Accountants
Andrew Moss, and all at DSG Chartered Accountants
Jenn Hazlehurst and all at Ernst & Young
Jan McArd and all at Jan McDermott & Co
Andrew Lloyd, Graham Bond and all at RSM
Andrew R Lovelady & Co
Andrew Lovelady
Graeme Robinson, John Nolan and all at RSA
Peter Taaffe, and all at BWM Chartered Accountants
Martyn Best, and all at Document Direct
Frank Murphy, and all at Haines Watts Liverpool Limited
Alison Lavelle, and all at Mitchell Charlesworth
Rob Young, and all at SB&P
  Sean Beech, and all at Deloitte
 Neil Sturmey, and all at Grant Thornton
 Nick Ledingham, and all at Morris & Co

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