Page 18 - Chartered 150 - A Sesquicentenary Special Issue
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    Our future Presidents reflect:
Rob Young – Deputy President 2019
have now been actively involved with the committee for approaching ten years
having previously been involved with the student society.
They say that those who don’t evolve die out like the dinosaurs. In my view the role of the society has certainly grown from when I first became involved. Over the last few years we have attempted to embrace further parts of our region and involve colleagues in industry rather than just those in practice. How we involve more people with the society is now something regularly under consideration and I would urge anyone who is interested to get involved.
Likewise the role of a practice accountant has changed considerably in the twenty years I have been working in the profession. The tasks of an entry level accountant have progressed considerably as the need for manual book work has
disappeared with its successor data entry having been taken over by machines and machine learning. As Artificial Intelligence develops those tasks diminish further.
Reflecting on the formation of
the society I do wonder how the “14 gentlemen” would possibly comprehend
how things have changed since their time. To quote a well-used saying “Omnia
mutantur nos et mutamur in illis” (“all things change, and we change with them”). These will be watchwords for the society and the profession as a whole in the coming years.
    Justin Lang – Vice President 2019
trained in Liverpool with EY, qualifying in 1993, but have spent most of my post-qualification
career in Industry which took me out of the embrace of Liverpool for a while. However, during the past three years, I’ve welcomed returning to the Society, especially representing its business members.
As I am reminded by my practice colleagues, we are all in business, and
in fact my business colleagues often
chide our practice members on that
very issue, and our experience, training and qualification is a strong foundation upon which we can adapt to whatever professional or business landscape we find ourselves in.
Not just the ever-changing day to
day challenges, but the longer-term fundamental changes that present themselves in the form of new technology and more efficient and sustainable ways of doing business, whilst ensuring this can be achieved whilst looking after the physical
  and mental health of both ourselves and our colleagues.
A key example is the development
of Artificial Intelligence, which should eliminate some of the more mundane tasks that have previously taken up our time, enabling it to be spent on added value activities, as a trusted business advisor.
Of course, with the environment becoming
a much more visible aspect of our daily lives, our role here can become even more relevant.
Working alongside the Institute, the Society can engage with the membership to look at these developments and look at ways we can integrate them into the way that we do business, serving both our clients and our businesses.

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