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  How it all began
At a meeting of Liverpool Accountants held at the office of Messrs. Harmood Banner and Son, No.24 North John Street, Liverpool on Tuesday the 25th day of January 1870
Mr H.W. Banner in the Chair Mr. John Bewley
Mr. Henry Bolland
Mr. A. W. Chalmers
Mr. Edward Crossland
Mr. C F Finney
Mr. David Gibson
Mr. G E Holt
Mr. William Mathison Mr. P. B McQuie
Mr. R. W MacArthur Mr. E Mounsey
Mr. T. W Read
Mr. E. Roberts
The following notice convening the meeting was read Liverpool 19th January 1870
Be good enough to attend a meeting of Accountants to be held at the office of Messrs. Harmood Banner and Son 24 North John Street on Tuesday next the 25th Inst at twelve o’clock noon for the purpose of taking into consideration the propriety of forming a Society to be called “The Incorporated Society of Liverpool Accountants.”
The important changes in the mode of Winding Up insolvent Cases publicly and privately appears to us to render it necessary to form such a Society.
We are, Sir
Your obedient Servants
H.W.Banner A.W Chalmers
Moved by Mr Chalmers Seconded by Mr Bewley and Resolved:
That an association be formed to be called the Incorporated Society of Liverpool Accountants.
The proposed Memorandum and Articles of Association were discussed and agreed upon as per printed draft put before the meeting. Resolved that the meeting be adjourned to Thursday the 27th Instant to be held at the same time and place in the afternoon and that in the meantime the Memorandum and Articles of Association as altered be reprinted and circulated amongst the members and that the members fill up and send to the Chairman the list of names which each may desire to be appointed on the Committee. Harmood W Banner

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