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   Our Immediate Past President reflects
Our Sesquicentennial year was to be a mixture of celebrating all that is past and looking forward to the future. How things have changed in the last few months.
    have spent much of my Presidency hearing words such as BREXIT, Brydon & Kingsman at the top
of any agenda or discussion. However in March the words have changed into Covid19, self-isolation and “the new normal”.
So what is the Society’s response to this global pandemic? As members I am
sure that you have, like me, clapped
for carers and key workers on Thursday nights. You have learned to Zoom, Skype, Teams, Lifesize, Facetime etc etc with
new enthusiasm. You have spent hours
on websites learning how to help clients and businesses get to grips with CBILS, Furlough, Bounce Back Loans, Job Retention Schemes and the like. You have discovered how intermittent Broadband speeds can be at the vital moment in that important conference call. You have also probably discovered exotic backgrounds to make your (insert name of room where the laptop is) more exciting!
But what does it mean? What will the world of business, finance, audit, tax and consultancy look like in the Autumn, in 2021 and beyond? And how can we, as the primary advisers to business ensure that we are ready and able to be alongside this new world order? How will we cope with a 2 metre rule in a new office world? As we are encouraged by ICAEW to adopt the UN Sustainable Development Goals what does a new world of reduced air travel and fewer business journeys mean? Where will office occupation be and how will we advise business to work in this new environment? In a recent article in Wired Magazine they said...
Many businesses are now fundamentally asking ‘Why do we go to the office?’ and therefore ‘What is the office for?’ It doesn’t make much sense for people or the planet for everyone to travel into city centres in order to work alone, two metres away from each other, at desks or in cubicles, every single day of the working week.
“The office should be a place we
choose to come to for activities that are better done in person such as building relationships, learning, socialising, personal conversations and serendipitous interaction. That trend was already underway and we see it accelerating.”
150 years ago our forefathers in North John Street faced challenges in a rapidly changing world by bringing together skills and experience for the benefit of their clients. Since then our Society has guided its members through wars, recessions and now global pandemic and we are ready to be there for our members, their businesses and clients for the next 150 years and beyond.
Thank you for being a member of this amazing Society. Thank you for supporting
“The office should be
a place we choose to come to for activities that are better done
in person such as building relationships, learning, socialising, personal conversations and serendipitous interaction.”
us by attending courses, dinners and events. I hope that in the future you
will find that this Society, your Society, will continue to be a major part of your professional life and that you are, rightly, proud to be a member of an exclusive club....THE Founding Society of ICAEW
It has been a great privilege to be your President these last 12 months & I wish Rob Young, my successor, and his fellow officers an amazing year representing you, our members.
Please do keep in touch, drop our Chartered One editor, Martyn Best, a line with your lockdown stories, your tales of pandemic advice to clients and share your experiences with Alex Pilkington through our LinkedIn pages. We hope to move forward in the future with greater use of social media and on-line communications to stay connected with a new, virtual, world – so join us and be part of that connected community.
LSCA President 2019-20 (Past President 2003 -04)

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