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   The Annual General Meeting
After 150 years, the challenge of having our 150th was met with aplomb, and some useful on-line video technology.
W e are delighted to record that at our recent AGM which took place, de facto at 2, Queen Square, Liverpool,
and in practice on-line on Wednesday 13th May 2020, the following resolutions were unanimously passed, and that the following were appointed as our office holders:
• President - Rob Young
• Deputy President - Justin Lang
• Vice President - Rob Adams
• Continuing as Treasurer - Kris Billington • Continuing as Secretary - Graeme
The following members were elected to serve as Committee members: Chris Wainwright.
We would like to give thanks to one of our Past Presidents, Paul Christian, who is now stepping down from the Committee.
     A unique and historic event as our Immediate Past President, Andrew Lovelady presents the badge to our new President Rob Young.
  Deputy President Justin Lang to our new Vice President Rob Adams, with our new President Rob Young overseeing matters.
 6 ISSUE 26

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