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We have had a number of personal tributes sent to Chartered ONE, and you can also read many more on LinkedIn here
    Tributes and memories of Matt Dunham from his friends and colleagues
      Misunderstanding on the meeting attire with Andy Webster.
Matt was a true friend to both me and my wife Tracey Heath, with whom he worked at Arthur Young.
Being only a month apart in age, Matt and I followed a similar restructuring/ insolvency based career path, developing a strong bond of friendship over the thirty plus years we knew each other and worked together.
Putting his professional prowess aside
for a moment, I would say that anyone who knew Matt on a personal level would confirm that he was one of the kindest, most thoughtful people you could wish to meet.
An example of such thoughtfulness occurred a couple of years back when I fell off my bike while out on a ride with Matt. Once he stopped laughing, he helped
me get back in the saddle and complete the last 20 miles to the Baltic Fleet. A
few days later, in increasing discomfort,
I was found to have suffered a variety of injuries which rendered me pretty much housebound for a short time.
A couple of days after hearing that I
had bruised somewhat more than my ego, Matt decided that the best way to a bashed friend’s heart would be through
his stomach and in true Paul Hollywood style, he baked me a cake and drove the 60 mile round trip to deliver it in person.
A further measure of the man was the
fact that he kept the micky taking to a minimum, despite my providing him with the perfect ammunition to dine out on the story for months, by virtue of colliding with the only concrete bollard along the 42 mile Trans Pennine Trail route from Manchester to Liverpool.
As I was still recuperating when the next Manchester to Liverpool ride took place, Matt thoughtfully sent me the attached image of the lads clearly understanding that it must have been impossible for me to avoid such an obstacle.
Like many others, I cannot believe he is no longer with us and will miss him terribly.
It came as a great shock that my dear friend Matt had gone so suddenly.
We had known each other for about twenty-five years. We didn’t work in the same companies but we passed work between us. Over time Matt became more than just someone I did work with. We shared the fun side of work at lunches, dinners and corporate functions and we became good friends outside work too. We’d meet up for a beer and to put the world to rights.
I often cycled in and out of Manchester with Matt and I joined him on the regular rides from Manchester to Liverpool ending with a pint in the Baltic Fleet before we’d get the train home.
We also watched Wigan Athletic when he had spare tickets and he’d say it was just his luck that after all the tedious games we’d been to-and there were plenty!-he missed out on an 8-0 win! He never let anyone forget that he was first and foremost a Peterborough United supporter though.
I retired three years ago but we stayed in touch following each other on Strava (the
cycling app) and talking about football. I was expecting him to be in touch about the next ride he’d arranged: I’m certain we’ll organise one in his memory.
Matt was an all-round good lad. Great sense of humour, never took himself too seriously but totally professional when he was working. He was so proud of his family.
I’ll miss him.
ImetMattafewyearsagoona Manchester professionals cycle ride. Neither of us had bargained for the pace, and as the leaders disappeared into the distance we found ourselves abandoned with no idea of the route we were to follow. We were fortunate to be able to use landmarks to pick a way round to the finish.
A bond forged in adversity was strengthened over many later Manchester- Liverpool and Manchester-Blackpool rides under Matt’s much more careful guidance. I have missed those rides in this strangest of years.
He was a lovely man and I will miss his company on the road.
What can I say? The most professional gent I have come across in my working career. I am thankful for his wisdom and discretion. He would literally do anything for anyone and also Constantly asked if he could help you out. He was also the best domestique I have cycled with and the boys on the Coast 2 Coast crew valued his various contributions.....some very useful, some not !
I feel I am a better person for having known him and will miss him knocking on our office door in Liverpool, if only to look out of our window !! (Which he thought was rightfully his)
Thanks mate !

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