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   Lockdown continues – by Martyn Best
My original plan was to have a week or so in Portugal and then return to a quarantine free UK.
his plan was based on the typically consistent approach to COVID-19 guidance and an expectation that
And so my own interpretation of lockdown continued - and it continued in Faro.
I am sure you have all heard of Faro, and your principle recollection will probably be Faro Airport. Fly in, move on.
I now urge you to revise that to “Fly in and stay” for Faro town is such a hidden delight and as I sit here in my newly acquired office watching over the marina, I could scarcely wish for a better view.
Boats, that most of us could afford - probably cheaper than some recent bike purchases, a view across to deserted
“Of all the countries,
on all of the required quarantine lists, in all of the world, I walked into Portugal”
beaches and islands (more of which in a moment), an old town within sight, and a calmness and quaintness which need discovering.
My host this time has been the EVA Senses, a wonderful 4-star hotel, worthy of 5, sitting within ten steps of the marina, and part of the AP Hotel & Resorts Group. Its very name gives up some evocative sense of mystery, sophistication and chic, and its springtime refurbishment still freshly resonates. It has all you would need - from a brilliantly equipped gym, a rooftop pool and bar, and an outside restaurant, and beautiful room views.
It has also embraced the Portuguese approach to the virus, with ubiquitous hand gel dispensers and an obvious attention
to greater hygiene – oh, the bitter irony of Portugal being on that list.
 the rather unpopular quarantine strategy would quickly be recognised for what it was and be reversed. Lo and behold it was but let me check that list of 56 countries.
The charming quote of Humphrey Bogart, “Of all the gin joints in all the towns in all the world, she walks into mine.” was morphed into my own version:
“Of all the countries, on all of the required quarantine lists, in all of the world, I walked into Portugal”
Faro Marina – the view from my office in the EVA Senses hotel

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