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   “A Room with a Zoom”
(other video communication platforms are available)
Released from the responsibility of the President’s role, Andrew Lovelady has time to reflect about how technology has entered our lives.
There is something rather curious about the constancy of working from home.
Whilst being a sole practitioner (semi- retired!?) means that my home office is somewhere I have become used to over
the last few years – it has been very difficult to get used to a routine of every day being the same. Getting to the top of my house (my office is on the top floor of my 3 storey house) and realising I have left my cup of tea 35 steps away in the kitchen (or 70 if you count getting back up the stairs), staring at the computer screen and the view of the pebble-dashing on next door’s gable end... you know the sort of thing! At least in lock- down a forgotten cup of tea is good for my Fit-Bit records.
And then there is Zoom..or Teams..or Starleaf...or Lifestyle..or GoogleMeet..or Skype...or WhatsApp...or very occasionally actually using the telephone? The power
of the video communication platform
to enable work to continue seems to be without limit. But meeting clients virtually is just not the same. Trying to explain things without really being face-to-face just does not have the same feel to it. Yes there are the advantages of not having to travel to the clients premises/home and the saving of time, fuel and the planet – but it just doesn’t feel right, somehow. Maybe it is time that
I retired properly and left it to people who enjoy this digital arena.
And it is not just work? I can now read bedtime stories to my grandchildren in Belgium and Chester on the same laptop with a split screen...apparently you can teach this old dog a new trick.
I spent an interesting time trying to work out how to set up a Zoom reunion call for my wife’s university classmates from 19XX (she will not let me print how many years ago it is since they all met) – as one now
lives in Hawaii, another in Milwaukee and yet another in Perth (Western Australia). It seems 10pm UK time on a Saturday means that the US can join in mid-morning (Hawaii) & mid-afternoon (Milwaukee) whilst for Perth it will be 5am on Sunday morning!!
But really I count my lockdown blessings.
My clients have not been too badly affected by Covid19 and have managed to access CBILS, CJRS and SEISS where necessary. I may have had a mild case of Covid19 in early March but seem to have no after-effects.
We are doing bits of shopping for elderly neighbours who we are getting to know well. I am managing a good long walk every so
“There is Zoom..or Teams..or Starleaf...
or Lifestyle..or GoogleMeet..or Skype... or WhatsApp...or very occasionally actually using the telephone?
often (sadly not daily) and the grass is getting cut when I feel like a rest from the computer.
I mourn for the 44,000+ people who
have succumbed to this dreadful virus, particularly here in the North West which seems to have been hit disproportionately badly- perhaps highlighting the social and economic chasms in the UK. What will the world look like in 6 or 12 months time?
Rob Young, my successor as LSCA President, will have a very different year to me with little chance to actually get out there
and meet our members and hear their views. Perhaps this new digital format for Chartered One will enable more of our members to keep in touch and to exchange news and views?
Whilst we are learning a new vocabulary with “social-distancing” and “new-normal”, and even old “imperialists” like me know what 2 metres looks like, there will come a time when some form of normality returns. But the business environment for our clients and our economy will certainly take a long time to adjust.

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