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   Even more extreme fundraising
Chris Wainwright, our resident fund-raising athlete, and on our Business Members’ Committee brings you his latest insight into this world – that of Rustman.
n some of the past issues of Chartered ONE I have submitted pieces about my attempts to raise
bit. I finished the Mersey swim and I thought to myself, I could swim back: that would be something. Then I hear people have swum the channel and back. I had also toyed with the idea of cycling down to where I come from, Brecon, a gruelling 130 miles. Don’t bother, Mark Beaumont cycled around the world in 80 days recently, that’s 240 miles a day.
I know it doesn’t matter, it’s the result that counts, the raising of money for worthy causes by pushing yourself to the ends of your own personal limits. I know my feelings of inadequacy are daft. I’m sure Captain Tom Moore is happy with what he did and he only walked up and down his garden.
In its own right though, it was an athletic achievement, pushing his own limits and he raised over £32 million. Not bad.
So where am I going with this? Well, as is the norm with me, nowhere in particular, but
I just wanted to tell you about something amazing that I have heard about that you might not have heard about.
Its Rustman.
A bunch of aging loons on the Wirral who do extraordinary things for charity. As former Ironman finishers they are now tarnishing, hence they came up with Rustman.
Their trademarks are involvement, participation and community. In 2020 local legends Chris Shaw, Richard Webster and Liam Hanlon devised the second Rustman event.
On Saturday 4th July saw eighteen hopefuls assemble outside Morrison’s in West Kirby. NO registration, no briefing, no transition area, timing chip or rules!! (No quarantining either, I bet – Editor!)
money doing ‘athletic’ things. I ‘completed’ the London marathon, I swam the Mersey (both were featured in this magazine) and I also cycled 102 miles in support of Doddie Weirs efforts to raise money for MND research.
I am sort of pleased with myself as it did raise money for charity. I got a medal and it hurt so I really was pushing myself. Then others go and spoil it all for me.
These others are broadly called ‘extreme athletes’ and they happily set off on runs, swims, cycles and so on that render my endeavours a tad inadequate.
I used to dream of one day completing
an Ironman. I now hear there is a double ironman. That sort of deflates my ambition a

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