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It is amazing what a good dose of common sense can do when combined with a government who cares, and a population who listen. Prompt and obedient lockdown, good, if mildly irritating use of face-masks in public, and a desire to exude confidence to the public has allowed Portugal to open its retail and hospitality fairly quickly. People respect the wearing of face-masks in public places, and are then rewarded by being able to loosen and remove them at the restaurant table and when outdoors.
At the Conrad, they have ubiquitous hand sanitiser stations, the use of which, actually becomes a pleasant and comforting experience. The absence of the visibility
of waiters’ smiles is outweighed by their courteousness, and also for now, the absence of a fully crowded resort.
Pools are open, as are bars, restaurants and all shops. Life has returned and confidence is being restored. The odd bout of irresponsible behaviour is doused, and
the world is nearly as we knew it.
In the words of Katharina Schlaipfer, the Conrad’s General Manager, “For us, it’s
about retaining our passion for hospitality. We are absolutely determined to offer our guests a safe haven, and we have followed every health guidance, and introduced many of our own, to give our guests, and our 152 staff the confidence that they can stay and work here in absolute safety.
“That is what they all expect, and then they can enjoy the perfect stay. We hope to welcome many of our British guests soon, and I hope Portugal will be regarded as a safe place, but we can only concentrate on making our Hotel as good as it possibly can be.”
Now - if this was a normal travel blog, I could also talk about the wonderful array
of beach restaurants in this area. The calm, and not-so-shabby chic Izzy’s, the beach restaurant with a surfer’s vibe; the very smart Alambique, and the classic British pub,
the Cheeky Pup. I’d mention the superb
golf courses of Vale Da Lobo, L’Oranjal,
and I’d extol the beautiful scenery which gives rise to so much
great cycling, amongst the refreshing eucalyptus in the nearby hills.
My trip here has been a very clear reminder of the joys of travel, and a clear example
of how others have adapted to the recent crisis, with somewhat less drama than elsewhere.
This is a reminder of what we all love, and
a hope that a return to normality is close to hand. A hope directed at the governments of the world, and our own in particular to learn from others, to direct its population to indulge in some common sense and personal responsibility, and to remind us all of the benefits that it can give us.
We shall soon be rejoicing in our full and deserved release from lockdown.
Good luck with your return from Life in Lockdown.
           Warm advice from Izzys
My visit has also produced some nice offers for our readers - from the Conrad Algarve, you will receive a bottle of Champagne on arrival and from Izzy’s a complimentary bottle of wine with your meal. Mention me at both places.

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